Fears and mountains.

For those who don’t know I have a mountain climbing challenge coming up with a few hundred guys. The idea is to carry one to two gallons of water on our backs, the water is meant to represent the things holding us down in life as a man. As we walk we will stop to write those things as the bottle(s). When we get to the top we will pray, let those things and allow God to grow us as we water the plants.


The more that I think about this challenge the more that I want to turn back and stay where I am but at the same time I begin to realize something very important when it comes to God and miracles. That is yes God can do anything, he can take away all fear and sometimes he does just that, for other times he gives us opportunities. For someone who afraid like me, I think this is a good God given opportunity to move on .

I will write more as times go by and after I finish this thing. Pray for us all! 🙂